For Election Judges

Election Judge Program

Judges of election are responsible for the administration of election procedures in the polling place on election day. They are in the position of ensuring that the election process is administered fairly and in accordance with our laws.

Some of the duties of the judges of election are:

  • to open and close the polls;
  • to be responsible for all election materials;
  • to ensure that only qualified voters are permitted to vote and that each qualified voter is permitted to vote once and only once;
  • to ensure that all votes are cast in secret;
  • to give instructions in the method of voting when requested by a voter;
  • to give assistance to illiterate and physically disabled voters;
  • to maintain order in the polling place throughout the day;
  • to tally the vote after the polls are closed; to certify the election results in that precinct.

We are now accepting applications for the 2-year court appointed term.

Student Judge Program

Qualifications: To qualify to be a student election judge please complete the Student Judge Application including authorization from Principal and Parent and return in to our office.

What Does A Student Election Judge Do?

  • Attend a Mandatory Certification Class - Classes will be held on a date and at time to be announced after the first of the year. You will earn $145 for working the polls on election day.
  • You do not have to declare a Political Party one will be appointed.
  • Work Election Day - Be prepared to be at your assigned polling place by 5:30 a.m. and work until the polls have been closed and all Election Judges leave the building.
  • Perform the same responsibilities as a Court Appointed Election Judge.
  • Have Transportation - You will be responsible for getting your own transportation to and from your assigned polling place. Be aware you could be assigned to any location.